Inspiration – Bratz

A snapshot of my Bratz "Treasures" collection

Often controversial with many a soccer mom I took to liking Bratz dolls for many of the reasons they hated them. From their exaggerated eyes & pouty lips, to their sometimes risqué wardrobe, Bratz dolls have been a staple on my toy shelf for the past 10yrs (its hard to believe its been that long) I think what I loved most about the Bratz back then are the risks they took and the way they cleverly translated what was coming down the runways to appeal to both 6 and 26yr olds alike. Love em or hate em, they’ve made an impact on the toy industry.

In tribute to these big-headed beauties I’ve started an illustration featuring my personal favorite and pirate-themed collection, “Treasures” Heres a sneak peek of whats to come next week as I’ll be posting a new girl every day!



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2 responses to “Inspiration – Bratz

  1. Marti

    I remember that line. It was cute & I think Gwen Stefani used them in her Rich Girl video

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