My 1st Solo Illustration Exhibition: Recap

Theres always a great feeling whenever a goal is accomplished, and this past Friday I crossed off a major one…to have an art show. It all came about after art directing friend & author Totally Tyler’s debut memoir, “Your Boyfriend & Other Guys I’ve Kissed.” We figured hey, my design work is on the cover, why not combine events & show some more on the walls at the launch party. It was a bit intimidating at first taking it on w/ the event date less than a month away but I did it. I think if I could do anything differently I would’ve had prints ready for purchase (as they were requested), but I figured who’d want to carry that around all evening? At least I know now for next time. In the end it was a great turnout and I can’t wait to do another. Checkout the event pics below to see some of what I displayed and if you see anything you like prints are available for purchase, just drop me a line here or email me for details –

Last but not least, a huge shout-out to Andrew Werner Photography & DJ Bobby Duron for keeping the party going.


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